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Opera è vita.

It is not enough to study the libretto of the work; one must read the work itself, such as Othello by Shakespeare. The theatrical aspect also has to components. On one side, there is the stage, which is the ability to act. That is to say, we are actors who are performing musical dramas. That is why, we must pay no less attention to acting than the theatre actor does. The second important aspect is interpretation, which is the essence of performing in an opera. Interpretation is the verbal theatre, if you like. In other words, it is the knowledge of HOW to say what is to be said. I remember once a practice with esteemed instructor, baritone Renato Bruson. We did practice a single word for about 30 minutes. ALZATI! Stand up! The very first word in Renato’s famous arya in Un Ballo in Maschera by Verdi. According to my instructor Bruson, the correct interpretation of “stand up” as I said to my wife Amelia in the opera was extremely important. I have to convey the big misery in me, which was a culmination of anger for being cheated, and not being loved by my partner in life. Last but not the least, I had to incorporate characteristics of the era and proper code of decorum in the same single word: ALZATI!

There is a lot to say when it comes to music. Each composer has a style, a right repertuar, and a right fraseggio, which is the lyrical phrase. The most important thing is to speak the same musical language with the conductor of the orchestra. Taking all of these into consideration, we have opened the MASTER CLASS ACADEMY. The academy is primarily for students who have reached a certain level in their trainings, fresh graduates and professional opera singers. The academy will also offer classes in speaking Italian, with the aim of holding all classes in the academy in Italian after a certain period of time. Another point to emphasize is that being an opera singer has a lot to do with your your physical and spiritual well-being. As such, it is a psychophysical profession. For this reason, we will also include morning yoga classes in the schedule of the academy, during the summer. In the academy master classes will be offered by me and other different İtalian artists in different periods throughout the year. We will organize master classes particularly ahead of the exams by important academies, international competitions, and auditions by of singer managers. We will also host important Italian managers, who will listen to our students at the academy. In the near future, we will also include masterclasses by important Italian artists on reji, orchestra conducting, and instruments. In Summer, we will hold masterclasses with major names of the Italian world of opera. 

Cüneyt Ünsal
Artistic Director / Baritone

Cuneyt Unsal was born in Smyrne in 1977 and graduated in music with a specialization in vocal music at Dokuz Eylul University in Smyrne. He began his career as baritone very young after a competitive selection of young singers at the Smyrne State Theatre in 1998. Here he debuted in different roles, including Figaro in the Barber of Seville,Ford in Falstaff, Escamillo in Carmen and Valentino in Faust. He participated in many music festivals in Turkey, always with acclaim from both the audience and critics.

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Our precious support team members who are with us in the uninterrupted supply of our training services.

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