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    MARCO VINCO Masterclass Concert at CKM ISTANBUL.
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"A successful Opera Singer is good at using these three tools; language, music and theater."

Cüneyt Ünsal

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It is not enough to study the libretto of the work; one must read the work itself, such as Othello by Shakespeare. The theatrical aspect also has to components. On one side, there is the stage, which is the ability to act. That is to say, we are actors who are performing musical dramas. That is why, we must pay no less attention to acting than the theatre actor does.


Interpretation is the most important topic of opera. It is the theatrical key stone within the the art of opera. Knowing HOW to say what you are saying. As opposed to the theatre of the prose, we are tied to the music, specifically in terms of time due to the ongoing music. Therefore, we must act in full harmony with musical phrases. Contrary to what is generally exercised, opera is not the art of producing high pitched voice; instead it is the art of interpretation.

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